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News - 01.2020
Start of construction work on the new Valdaro 3 storage facility
Catering to the growing market demand to increase storage space for products from EU and non-EU countries, Paganella decides to continue with investments in the Mantuan territory, which over the years has proved geographically suitable for the distribution of different types of foodstuffs; zootechnical; chemical...
The new Valdaro 3 site, like the previous Valdaro 2 site, will have an area completely dedicated to food and livestock products.
All Paganella customs authorizations will also be extended to this site.

The numbers:
- total surface area: 240.000m2
- warehouse: 40.000m2
- railway line: 750m
- battery of 45 by 500m3 silos

Other additional services:
- container park
- certified weighbridges
- transfer operations from bags or big bags to bulk
- bagging operations from bulk to big bags or octabins

Start-up of operations is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.