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News - 09.2008
Construction of our silo farm (30 Highsilos) in Valdaro 2
Valdaro 2: Expanding growth.

Our warehouse in Valdaro 2, one year after its accomplishment and start up phase, can witness in these days the incoming traffic of peculiar vehicles, beside the usual routine of trucks and containers dispatching goods intended to be stocked in our warehouse.

We are talking about special vehicles transporting High Silos. When the project will be totally completed, there will be 30 High silos, 500 m each, for a total stocking capacity of 15000 m to be added to the 6000 m already available in Valdaro 1.

It is an improvement of our potentials that Paganella wants to offer to its Customers meeting their new storage needs in order to create a logistic platform that, together with the railway connection, will be able to meet every requirement.

All the experience gathered in these years in the bulk industry will be transferred into this business enterprise and it will support the building skills of the Ariostea Company, who is responsible for the projects and for the construction.

On site works are expected to be completed by the end of 2008. Our business department is available for any extra piece of info or further question you might have.