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News - 01.2008
Agreement for a Joint Venture with Globe Marine
Strong worldwide demand for petrochemicals,particularly in Far-East, is prompting many oil and petrochemical producers to build new olefins capacity in Middle-East.
Western players are under increasing pressure (limited feedstocks, poor improvement in productivity, expensive labor costs and subscale assets), which is today resulting in the production shift to Middle-East.
Further more, the local players in Middle-East are adding their own production growth to this trend. The logistics service providers (LSPs) are therefore expected and requested by the polyolefins producers to support this shift.
Knowing this, we are glad to inform you that Globe Marine Services (GMS) and Paganella have decided to join forces in order to offer a professional response to the new and growing demand.
This cooperation is a result of the signed Letter of Intent for the formal registration of Globe-Paganella LLC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GMS and Paganella are reliable and reputable logistics service providers already performing for the major Key Accounts acting in the field of the petrochemical industry in Europe as well as in Middle-East and are praised for their high quality and reliable services, showing excellent references.

GMS is a multi-activity Saudi company constituted as per the Saudi regulations with sound experience in providing logistics services and other services related thereto.

Paganella is a specialized logistics service provider and a developer of innovative transport and storage concepts specifically designed for the petrochemical industry.
The joint catalogue of services is so covering the full services chain dedicated to polyolefin’s logistics starting from on-site packing and warehousing management, including sea as well as road transportation (both ends) and finishing with the final goods delivery at the end-consignee’s location.