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News - 08.2007
End of works in Valdaro 2
Start up of business and first inbound train
On Monday the 6th of August at 10:30 am for the first time we will open the gates of our new premises in Valdaro 2 in order to welcome the first train in.
This is the accomplishment of an idea that was born few years ago in our company Paganella; connecting Mantova to the main Italian ports in order to ease the flow of the goods coming from or going to all markets worldwide.
The good outcome of the project has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of all far-sighted authorities that have invested in this project with the purpose to create a railway connection in Valdaro 2.
A special thanks goes to the local government , la Provincia di Mantova , who has put a lot of effort in speeding up the process as soon as they were involved in the project.
The first train will be made of 18 carriages for a total weight of 1000 Tons. Its departure will be from La Spezia port on the 4th of August.
The containers loaded on the train belong to the United Arabian Shipping Company and were loaded in Saudi Arabia with plastic material that will be stocked in our warehouse.
In a short time , we foresee to put into place a connection with Genova port as well.
We forecast a great availability of storage room for different types of goods and containers in various sizes to meet every need.
Our contacts with Shipping lines and all arrangements for the train schedules are followed in cooperation with the Fremura Group in Leghorn , a company with a long renowned experience in this field.
The CargoChem company, owned by The Italian Railways, takes care of the local tract.